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Anderby Creek - Lincolnshire

The Shame of Anderby Creek - A critical View

Note: We have retained this article on the site, because of its humour and the way in which it illustrates the mind of the child. We are informed by David Quinton of Skegness, that there have been a number of improvements at Anderby Creek since the article was published. These improvements include new toilet facilities, disabled access and the world's first 'Cloud Bar'. (we are awaiting an explanation about the latter!)

Anderby Creek is a popular seaside venue on the North Sea coast Nr Skegness in Lincolnshire. Although not internationally known, it is nevertheless well used by local people, has a number of web sites and is a regular destination for school trips. Those responsible for its condition should quake in their boots when they come under scrutiny from the legions of primary school pupils who frequently cast a critical eye over the general condition of the beach and surrounds. They do not allow their judgement to be coloured by any consideration other than truth - Listen to what they say Anderby Creek or you may have made enemies for life!

A few weeks ago, the year group 3 primary school pupils from a Lincolnshire school visited the resort on a nature day and found plenty to write about in their school newspaper. The primary reason for the trip was very much subordinated to other considerations. This is a verbatim report of some of their findings as reported a few days later:

What we did - We went on a mini-beast hunt and some people found a star fish, a spider and a jelly fish” That really concludes the report on the main purpose of the trip. Now down to the verbatim reports on the important things!

“ My friend thought the toilets should be looked after more”

My View TOILETS - It was horrible and should be cleaned once every two days. The end cubicle was empty. (apparently there is one cubicle that has not been fitted with a toilet; this was perplexing for many of the visitors. Where had it gone? Why was the cubicle empty?) I would improve it by filling the end cubicle and get more soap when the soap has all gone and more toilet paper every time it runs out they will do this even if it is not the day to clean the toilets. Hopefully this will happen”

Jodies View - TOILETS: “ They were very smelly because they weren’t cleaned when they should be cleaned there was no toilet paper ether anyway the toilet paper was like paper”

“ I think it should be checked every hour Daniel side they could add another toilet because there was a lot of mess on the floor”

“ Dogs need to be kept off Anderby Creek beach because it is not fair on us. Dogs jump up at us. They also do their dirty and smelly business on the beach and visitors DO NOT CLEAN UP THE DOGS BUISNESS!!!! It is a disgrace !!!!!!! So dogs need to be kept off the Anderby Creek”


Anderby Creek - Lincolnshire


“ There has been a suggestion that a police officer can keep watch that no dogs go on the beach”

“ The toilets were smelly and they should be cleaned or kids could get germs”

Elle said - “ You could improve it by getting he shopkeeper to check it every hour. We could get proper soap. Emma thinks that the toilets are disgrace full”

“The toilets at Anderby creek are un inviting because if nobody sorts it out nobody will ever come to Anderby Creek AGAIN!!!!!”

“ The cubicles are as discusting as rat plauge”

“ I interviewed Daniel now I am going to tell you what he said”. “ I found 17 Starfish, 2 dead crabs, 3 alive crabs. Know I am going to talk about the toilets think the toilets were grotty and smelly and they need to add another toilet in”. “ I interviewed Jodie and now I am going to tell you what she said”. “It was very sandy. I found 2 crabs 1 was alive, 1 starfish, dead bird. Lots of shells”.

The nature side of things was very lightly reviewed but was generally satisfactory. Those responsible for the toilets should certainly take heed.



The Children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light  (St John 16.8)