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Fred Olsen Cruise Lines
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May 2005 Sissi Bay Hotel -Crete Reported by Tina Garnett of Drobak - Norway Three of us went to Sissi Bay Hotel and had a wonderful one week holiday at the Sissi Bay Hotel, we took the all inclusive package and we had good food, good service,clean and bright rooms, wonderful weather and it was a real treat to be surounded by friendly smiling staff. The all inclusive is limited but for the price of the holiday not being too expensive for May it was worth it. Special thanks go to the Owner Marie and staff Kara, Sabina and Nikos for their smiling cheerful faces everyday as did all the other staff. We felt very sad to be leaving and we will certainly go back for a holiday there again. Sissi Town is a delightful place on the coast and they have a harbour that is bright and interesting. Thank you to Sissi Town and Sissi Bay Hotel. You will be seeing us again.
Sept 06 Peter Dielmann Cruise the Elbe Berlin to Prague (or reverse direction) on the Elbe River. Outstanding customer service and very high quality catering.
Continental Airlines

A recent correspondent reported that after flying to the USA, his wife and daughter were refused entry (A result of the 'special relationship Tony Blair forged with the USA). They were refused because the I-94 (Visa Notice) had not been handed in at the end of their previous visit and that, therefore, they could have not left the USA after that visit. Ridiculous practice by the dunderheads at US immigration who obviously have ideas about how someone arriving on the aircraft from another country can possibly do so if they have never left the USA from a previous visit. Unfortunately, they are not willing to share this time-travel vision with the general public.

A few years ago, Continental Airlines were a carrier to be avoided, but we have used them several times in recent years and can vouch for their new found quality. In this case, although they were in no way at fault for this problem, they have given the two passengers a credit for the flights. Well done Continental, we hope it pays dividends in good publicity!