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Recent Complaints of Note
Problem Travel Companies
Tour Operator/Company
Dec 2011 Crompton Guest House in Hounslow Lack  of customer care after accidental double booking. Family paid twice for the same room and could not get a refund from the owner
Jan 2012 Sunsave Holidays Wyke, West Yorks Aggressive telephone sales lumbering unwary customers with things they don't want and don't need
Jan 2012 Thomsons UK Reported: my parents booked a carribean cruise in august last year and paid the full amount in November 2011, for departure date 12th of febuary 2012. This was with thomsons via Hays Travel. Unfortunately my father suffered a brain haemorrhage last week and when my mother tried to get her money back she was informed that she would lose 90% of her money,not only that but she was informed that thomsons would not allow a name change on the tickets. TW Comment. This should be an insurance matter, but you would think Thomsons could do better than this
Jan 2012 Netflights Internet Advertising flights at prices that are not available when the customer attempts to buy them
Apr 2004
Grecian Bay Hotel
Deplorable standards and misrepresentation of facilities available in the hotel - Story Link
Mar 2004
Poor customer care
June 2004
Monarch Airlines
Ticket "Pay Twice" Policy - Story Link
July 2004
Eastways Travel
Eastways Travel is the booking outlet for Aeroflot. Mr Nigel M of Cirencester booked tickets, but Royal Mail failed in their attempt to deliver them. They were apparently lost by the RM, but Eastways/Aeroflot demanded an outrageous $250 ($50 per ticket) to re-issue them. This was not Mr M's fault, he had never had the tickets in his possession. The tickets should have been re-issued and the matter of cost should have been between Aeroflot and the Royal Mail.
Feb 05
Hotel Cleopatra Tsokkos
Sharm el Sheik - Egypt
Described by visitors as 'disgusting' and misrepresented as 4-star by FLEETWAY Travel. Reccomended as an "AVOID at all costs"
Nov 05
Marmaris Hotel/Villas
Sold by Thomas Cook. Sold as villas, but only hotel and apartments of very poor quality at a very expensive price
Nov 05
Very poor customers service - Sell rooms they do not have and then change clients to ther hotels that are of lower quality. Described as "very rude and difficult to deal with'
May 05
Old Church of Urquhart
Described by a client as the worst hotel they have ever been to. Rude staff and unusual demands of guest. Unfriendly and not at all welcoming.
Jul 05
Malta Bargains
Particularly Palm Court Hotel providing very poor accommodation and food
Oct 05
Royal British Hotel
Damp and dirty rooms,
July 05
TOP Hotel Prague
Purports to be a 4-Star Hotel but is said to be of very poor quality
Our correspondents will tell you that they are NOT best at travel. If you get problems try this email address
Blue Atlantic Management
Another on of those holiday clubs will hard sell and dubious returns. AVOID
Sep 05
Crown (via Carjet)
Granada Spain
The complainant hired a car from this company and when it boke down, they charged €300 for alleged 'Misuse of Clutch'!
Oct 05
Equine Adventures
Misrepresentation or sheer stupidity in selling holidays without researching the details or quality.Lack of customer care and offer of inadequate and derisory compensation. AVOID
Green Island Holidays
Northern Cyprus
Poor quality hotel accommodation and failure by hotel staff to remedy problems
Feb 06
Beware of inaccurate pricing. Mr C booked through them for a hotel in Verona. He was quoted €362 by the booking agent, but when he paid the hotel bill, the amount was €1090, an overcharge of more than €600.
Jan 06 Holiday Genie UK Sue K of of London had terrible problems with this company when they incorrectly transcribed names on to her airline tickets. While she was trying to sort out the problem they were rude, unreceptive and even put the telephone down on her. If you care about customer service, they may not be for you.
Dec 05 Holiday Warehouse (Also trading as Club Class Holidays) Spain Another one of those holiday clubs that are not regulated by the Spanish authorities. Several correspondents have been sucked in by hard selling and have lost substantial sums of money. One correspondent felt that she was in 'physical danger' after falling out with one of the directors.
Various WADEBAY TRAVEL UK Many complaints about holidays paid for and not received. Not ABTA members so no recourse for those defrauded.
Feb 2006 Indian Holidays PVT N.Dehli India Formerly known as Trafford Tours & Travel - Reported for very poor customer service, misrepresentation of hotel quality and refusal to reply to correspondence over their failings - AVOID
Feb 2005 D.I.S.E Vacaciones Tenerife Defrauded Mr & Mrs B of the IOW, of £6,500 paid for a holiday bond. Address in Malaga but, guess what - No response! -AVOID all such companies
Various Olympic Holidays UK Regular complaints about unhelpful reps, poor accommodation and low standards of service
16 Feb 2006 Travel City Direct UK Flights booked following advert by this company promising direct flight to USA on Boeing 747 with 32 inch seat pitch. Ended up on a high density Excel airways flight with 27 inch seat pitch and refuelling stop at Gander. This is one of many complaints where consumers have booked a good standard with this company, but have been served up a poor standards without any compensation - AVOID
3 March 2006 Royalty Holidays Florida USA This company 'cold call' offering cheap holidays to the USA. They con a bank account number from the client, guaranteeing that they will not make any charges until the holiday details are agreed and confirmed. A couple of days later, up to US$1000 is missing from the bank account. Dont be taken in!
June 06 Planigo. Com France Dubious Credit Card practices and provision of very poor hotel accommodation that they have not checkjed and for which they accept no responsibility - AVOID Full Story Link
June 06 ELYSAURA Marketing/RCI UK/SPAIN This company has closed down taking with them the money of a lot of investors. It is reported that they have now started a new business as PRESTIGE VACATIONS/SHAKESPEAR HOLIDAYS. If you have been a victim of this company, please contact us.
June 06 Milford Plaza Hotel New York NY Very dirty, true fleapit! Reporting guest slept on floor and also reported broken showers and generall filthy conditions
Sept 06 Hotel Filip Majorca Described by Marion T of Wolverhampton as an Administrative Shambles. Wrong room allocation, poor food with even those on half-board having to buy coffee after the evening meal. All this was complemented by rude and aggressive staff and poor back-up from the tour operator - Thomas Cook
Sept 06 Adams Beach Hotel Cyprus Reported by Christine H of Wakefield as yet another Cyprus hotel with a false 5- Star rating. As with the Grecian Bay, the star rating for Cyprus hotels is based upon declared facilities and has no qualitative assessment. Lots of weddings and stag parties with no control. Sun beds all reserved as early as 6.30 in the morning!
Oct 06 Alpybus Switzerland Julie P of Chesham arranged, some 6 weeks prior to her trip, for this company to convey her from Chamonix to Geneva. They didn't turn up and had no explanation, telling her to get the public bus. They still have not explained so are probably be avoided.
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