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Travel Check List

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Check Brochures for best deals – try to compare like with like



Check times and origins of flights to confirm that they are reasonable has all the information you need


Make certain that passports will be current at the date of travel. For certain destinations you may require 6 months currency at the date of travel



If you are not already familiar with the hotel, check details in brochure and on-line to make certain it is suitable



Check seat pitch for aircraft. Most charters are very cramped with a 29” pitch. Expect at least 32” for a scheduled flight. Find out if you can book premium leg room seats



Decide how you are going to make your booking. If you find a good on-line deal, check with your local travel agent whether they can price match. Booking on-line can be fraught with problems and a low level of customer service



Do not book in haste unless you are forced to do so. The statement “it will be gone by tomorrow” is almost never true.



Make certain that your agent/tour operator is ABTA and ATOL safe. Where possible, use a credit card for payment; this will give additional protection if things go wrong. Keep good notes about what you are told when booking and record the name of the clerk/travel agent. If things go wrong these details are vital



Keep a copy of the brochure from which you made your booking. Take it with you when you go on holiday.



Check carefully the visa requirements for your destination. You should be advised by the travel agent, but ultimately it is the passengers responsibility.



Buy travel insurance NOW. You do not have to buy fom the travel agent, but it is essential that you hold cover from the time of booking. If things go wrong before or during the holiday, the travel agent will not take any responsibility.



When the tickets arrive, check all details to ensure that they are accurate. If they are not, you may not be allowed to travel



If possible, pre-book aircraft seats with the carrier.



Check destination security advisories with the FCO if you are in the least doubt.



Book kennels etc for pets



Make certain you have these details readily to hand:

1.     Latest check in time

2.     Maximum baggage allowance and size

3.     Car Parking Vouchers

4.     Details of the terminal from which your flight departs



Make certain you understand the requirements if you need to use your travel insurance during your holiday. Leave a copy with N of K in case there are problems that they need to sort out on your behalf



Whilst on holiday, report any problems to the tour rep as soon as possible. Keep a comprehensive record/diary of any problems or reports.



Document and photograph any problems about which you may feel you have a cause for complaint. Get the names and addresses of fellow holiday makers who are suffering the same problems.



Make any complaints known to the tour operator/travel agent immediately upon your return. Send a formal complaint by recorded delivery letter



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