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Every year throws up cases where travellers are involved in accidents or suffer illness whilst travelling abroad. Travel carries the same risks as any other activity and it is incumbent upon the traveller to take reasonable care. One would expect no less. However, there are inevitably incidents where the traveller has taken due care, but has suffered accident or illness due to the negligence of others.

During the past years we have had reports of a very young child suffering severe electric shock due to an unprotected low level electric socket at a Disney Hotel in Paris and visitors to locations as far apart as Mombassa and Marbella have fallen ill because of provably poor hygiene in food preparation areas in their hotels. Without exception, even when faced with public health reports damning the conditions, the holiday companies find it easy to deny all responsibility. Such negligence by these companies is actionable at law, but action is often not pursued due to perceived and real difficulties in instituting proceedings, reluctance of local solicitors to face up to the challenges in pursuing such actions, or apprehension of the complainant over the possible cost. We have long abhorred the fact that these companies get away with serious negligence by default.

We recommend Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. Irwin Mitchell Solicitors(IM) has a financial arrangement with and we receive a yearly payment of £250 for recommending their services to you. IM is completely independent of and will always act in your best interests.  Our relationship with IM does not affect the service they give you which will always be impartial and confidential. Although we have provided you with details of a solicitor who we consider may be able to assist you, you are not bound by that recommendation and are free to use any solicitor of your choice.

We accept payment from IW and recommend them because they are an old established firm with a proven record in dealing with claims for Accidents and Illness abroad and, unlike the majority of firms of Solicitors, they have good quality representation in other countries. Those who have been involved in making a claim in another country will appreciate the value of this overseas representation. If you have a prblem on which you would like to seek free advice you can contact Irwin Mitchell at this link


If you feel that you may have a claim, take a look at the Irwin Mitchell web site at this link. They can pursue your claim for a host of reasons ranging from simple accident to assault, cruise-ship related illness, skiing accidents, injuries sustained through, car & cycling injuries to illness suffered through poor hygiene in hotels.





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